Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Just Never Was

The lack of connections
Call it Un-connection, Non-Connection
It is as if what I hear called reality
With all of its little hints, codes, and colloquialisms
Is just a story someone found worth repeating.
Damn similarly imaginative Ape-Childs
All howling as told to, to that which we were shown
To fear and hate and love and want.
It is like noticing something you now remember
Seeing all the time
Last night, between dreams and thinking, I visited
That thin preserve of true wonderment
I could see through what was told to be real
There was nothing behind it.
Not in a bad way. Not in any way.
I reached out, thru all my pasts
Every etched touch.
Seeing if any held true. Not a one.
Each easy to release.
No. That’s not right. Not release.
There was instead really, again,

Friday, April 25, 2008

Look Back. The view is Grrrrreat!

Taking the steps and making the moves.
Tight little glimpses of ever required lusts
Cool wet spring air better than any sermon
These gods awakened by thoughtless Oaths
Now timely demand their tribute
And it feels good to give it
To pay what is owed
Doing your part of the pact

Let the needless stances
Useless without a Battle
Fade to memory
Bring back the Sun
Push forth the Heat
Carry out the Bright
Kindness in the eyes of those
Who are smiling truthfully

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Allow for Perfection

When the credits roll and the music makes
The time start again.
Wait for the gag reel.
Wait for the final joke.
Never hurry to the next thing.
Seeming so important.
Not so at all.
You’ll miss the real show
The lights coming up
The contrived illusions giving way to
The true magic
There are saber-like shapes twirling
Cutting long slashes in the night.
Cutting the cool of the shadow into
Manageable bites.
Far off in the wet dark deep,
Some awesome slick sliding natural
Eating Machine pauses
All of it mouth and mouth support
It wonders if that is all it could be
Then realizes that there is nothing else
If would every need or want
Besides all the arts and gifts
That is already is.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Smooth Cool Day

Uplifting sounds float about me, pleasant like warm sunshine.
Some of the sweetest compressions and rarefactions.
I don’t know what to do with my evening.
The options seem limitless.
Ready for more fun-filled Dice.
A movie with a Panda.
Thoughtful Bees.
I think I will sort of just see what happens.
Rest. Relax.
Think and Be.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

To Vent and To Laugh

A sudden and full wave of Emotion.
What the fuck happened? Where did that come from?
A little nothing -Fucking Nothing! -At work set me off
I mean, really.
Everyone I work with is cool
But I rub people wrong, sometimes
Usually without meaning to
The resulting confusion can be frustrating
This time I choose to just let it be
But, man, I am still all Loaded Up
I feel like …
I don’t know!
Ok. There is a reasonable and, I guess, obvious
I just Hate to admit it.
I am most likely all stresses out from a
Huge variety of sources
I just feel
Admitting it.
There. I admitted it. Fuck.
These sources are my fault.
The effects and cage-like edges to my life
A testament to wrong choices
Wrong actions
Wrong dreams
You know what? Fuck It.
They might have been wrong choices and dreams
But they were Mine.
I just didn’t realize I had stored so much away.
Got to let off some steam.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Damn, what a Beautiful Day!

Letting Happiness roll and root.
The cool and reinvigorating spring air
Down by the Sea, with the trees and the dogs.
Little joyful skips and Melanoleuca smiles
There will be more of these days of Newness.
Like the clouds parting.
With the Clearness comes
Less growls.
Well, at least less of the Unwanted growls!
Cause sometimes, when it is working
You just gotta growl!
Back to the main thought here
As I wander in my brain
Things may be quieter
Even boring to someone looking in.
But the freedom to wake, not come to
With sun as a friend, with a clear mind
Will let me enjoy the special New Joys
On another note, the Dice have more Acolytes
Seems like the whole world can be
From a little bit o f Change

Monday, April 14, 2008

“Walker Got a Boo Boo?” (It’s from a T-Shirt)

The thoughts and feelings are
Smoother than they have been
In a Lonnnnng Time.
Why? Has anything new happened?
Oh, yeah. Probably. I just don’t see it.
Like most people. Most of the time.
Only missing the Little Beauty!

A walk in the park led to sights I must have seen before.
Just forgot that I had.
Seeing visions from the past or from memory in the now
Can be exciting. New in a different way.
Like all the Lightsabers of late.
Mixed with thoughts and Dice-Time and Calm.
Like so many times before
But still bringing something new.
Speaking of New,
Some little Smiling Chick has
Moved in with The Devil!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Ozark Duntish and his Amazing Fraks

One who offers to help after all the work has been done
Mentally incapacitated by a severe hangover
Coined by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd in
The Deeper Meaning of Liff.
Yeah. Liff. Not Life.
Go figure.

I spent my Friday night, like the cool kids
Watching Battlestar Galactica
I really, Really, liked the previous seasons
And, of course, the earlier version.

This new season is starting to get good.
Which is good.
Cause when this show is Right, it Rocks!
Sexy cylons.

Nick Cave has a new album
Tomorrow the Anti-Heroes continue their
Fight against an Illithid Assassin
The Dice are changing.
I was told I need a vacation.
I thought I WAS a vacation!
There is something…
Out there
Thinking of me as I think of others


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Scratch Catch Kitty

All the little Playthings
With all their little hopes
Some with little tricks
That show you how to cope
Few if any see
What really should be bright
All they seem to want
Not to win, just to Fight

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My Day

The Freedom of Knowledge.
The Little Beauty and I are of One.
My mind lets time fall away
Tracing RF signals after ensuring
Azimuth and Elevation
A little more falling
Then a Panda walk with
The remembered Dead
A disappointing Treat and a fulfilling Tea
Some Corey Hart
A few last laughs
Now, Reading
All good.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Slack Brain

“So I was telling her, that, sure, if she didn’t want a drink
And, sure, if she didn’t want to dance,
That maybe she would still want
To let me get on top of her and go
Arrrg! Arrrg! Arrrg!”
I hear this and I know the truths
Sometimes drool means Hello
Sometimes it is just fucking drool

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

My Mood

Heavenly felt directions waiting
Thoughts of meeting
Hearts growing Cold
The simplest way would
To just say it is
Loosing Reality.
That isn’t the whole deal though
There is the worrying knot
Of never having had it
To set Free