Monday, March 27, 2006

Imagine the Feel. Posted by Picasa

Dreaming Real.

I was looking for an out.
A little release from my noisy brain.
The bottom, if you will.
Not really the bottom.
That is silly.
That is foolish.
But I went low enough, long enough.
Now I feel vindicated almost.
Like I did my penance and can now walk free.
Shit like that can warp your world.
I spoke my mind.
Sometimes too feely.
I have burnt more bridges,
Because I think I needed.
To see new shores through personal effort.
Flesh Under Skin.
All those little things.
All of them.
And the stars looked down.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Sad to See Her Go but Fun to Watch Her Leave. Posted by Picasa


Letting the fight against something leave you
Can take away that things power.
An example would be if something frightens you
And your energy is spent trying to pretend
That you are not afraid
You become a near slave to that effort.
But if you allow yourself to fully feel the fear
Even though it can be unpleasant
Or discomforting
The freedom you gain
By choosing honest feeling over
Lies of pride or Image
Can lead the way to passing through
To when you are no longer afraid.
Because all feeling can pass.
Not die, maybe.
But their power can fade.
So if fear knocks, let it in.
So that its fury can find itself spent
All the sooner.
This too,
Stays true.
For bloodied edged

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Feel. Posted by Picasa


It is Ok.
To feel sad.
To feel used.
To feel remorse or confusion.
It isn’t something to hide from or be shameful of.
That is just life.
And as cliché as it seems,
Shit does Happen.
It is Ok.
Missing someone and knowing you shouldn’t.
Finding the hazy knowledge.
If you feel wronged by another.
By a past love.
You can look deeper.
See your own hand included in the cause.
Sort of lets you feel.
That you nudge your own fate.
More often that you think.
And whether you admit it or not.
Whether you wish to act upon it or not.
Love is love and our hearts don’t care.
They just keep on dancing.
Feeling those bone shaking beats.
And making you want to Sway.
So what do you do?
You Fucking Live!
You think and dream.
Breathe and seek.
And find that fun that is looking so hard for you.
Because we all have crap we have to carry.
And it is normal.
It is OK.