Monday, February 25, 2008

Remembered too late.

The past is a dangerous place to stroll.
A friend wrote
Don’t let your Mind Wander,
It’s too small to be out on its own!
Should have listened.
Should have heeded.
Nope. I wandered.
I found A time capsule from way back.
Years ago.
All the thoughts of another me.
Recorded and saved.
To and from.
Small notes layered with meanings.
Now mostly forgotten.
But the Importance was still there.
Even without the understanding.
And that Importance hit me.
All the ways I have done Wrong.
So fucking much.
I burn with useless regret.
Sure. I have mentioned
Shouldas. Wouldas. Couldas.
This is like that, only sharper.
Not only what is missed out on.
But what can never be.
The special moments.
Fragile and unbelievably Beautiful.
Not even seen at the time.
What am I missing tonight?
Will it tear that future me up
“That thought kind of turned me on, too,
Thinking of you looking at me
And that look you get in you eye”

All gone. All ruined. All poop.
Echoes that bring pain.
Deservedly so…

Monday, February 18, 2008

Daze Out

Broken Tattered Displeased Dreams
All wrought and wreckage
Thru them the bits unseen shadow with wavy

Vroooooom More!

I hear that Scarlet is doing Waits.
Speaking of Awesome….

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Love Day

Sweet thoughts and happy memories
Heat filled moments that fade to dreams
Some never knew how important they were
Some still don’t
Special little hearts
With smiles and tears
Touches that still claw in the darkness
You can only know how powerful life may be
By that which is its deepest truth
So, to the loved, the loveless,
The lovers and the lonely
Those who are the truth of beauty
Even if only to that certain Someone.
Let it all in.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A Three Bladed Sword!

Wow! Too freaking cool!

And this dude knows how to use it!

He’s going to chop the crap out of all these dudes! Just you wait and see!

He might even get a little overconfident. I mean, hell, it’s a freaking three bladed sword, right?!

But, Oh Oh, some things can surprise even a dude with kick ass sword…

Don’t worry, though! This sword has a surprise too!

WHOOSH!! Hahah! Yes, it shoots blades! Bad Ass!

So, the Three Bladed Sword still wins! And the dude can get the chicks!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Can't Fail. Won't Fail. Don't Fail.

Simple moments of Dread.
Near capitulation.
That feeling that it would be easier
To just allow things to be.
But that is an illusion
It is always better to bleed
Than for the blood to rot
So blood or tears
Sweat or Smiles
Lets get to the next round
Lets get to the Fight