Thursday, January 27, 2005

Heaven Posted by Hello

Rolling Stone

Back for another round. Mixing and weaving. I don’t talk like I think, and I don’t write like I care. If I knew what to say, I would, so I have to mumble until I get the basics all figured out. Sometimes you never know how you will deal with Stuff until you find them staring at you. Sometimes the things that are Always on your Mind could give a shit about their location.
And all the time the world turns and the lamps burn and the hearts race and the night has its quite moans and screamed obscenities and the dirty filthy naughty lust filled pure love that can still bite you so fucking hard that you shake and strain with the pleasure of the surprise. Surprise. Not knowing what is next. Finally getting it wrong. Finally not having the answer already in your face.
If only it could all be so simple. Ignorance combined with intensity and wanting, sprinkled with style and wit. Bake for twenty and call me in the morning. But we know that that morning is a busy signal. That morning is a Monday. That morning is rent due and gas tank empty and pile-ups on the highways. But later, after the morning has broken and the that which is due is made right…
What of the Night?
Flick off the mind. Just in Time. Strobes in the brain. Lick the Pain.

Sunday, January 23, 2005


It is better than I thought it could be. It is so hard to concentrate. It is filled with implied dangers. It has me feeling. It is more than I deserve.
I know there are Devils hitting on Angels. I know the Sheep double-team the Wolves. I can be honest and know that there might be Fire on the Horizon.
But, God Fucking Damn! It is so good to burn after the freeze.
If I am failing to get it right as I try to explain it is because I really do not know either.
Life has always been good.
But God Fucking Double Shit Damn! Hubba Hubba Hubba.
And to think, all this plus a new Dr Who season coming!
What more could a dude ask for?
Dancing Fool. Daring Believer. Force of Nature.
This is me smiling. If I frown later, so be it. For now, the stars shine for us.
The Real Reason Posted by Hello

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Hot Little Thing

Seeing is believing. Without faith, are we blind? But faith in what? In who? All I know is that every time I start to think I have it all figured out- POW! -the Gods of Chaos load up and give’er. The moments become more precious. The time flows in odd ways. And the sweetness can be torturous. Good things come to those that take. Sure. But all you need to take is the dare. And if you feel unsure or hesitant, you just have to keep on daring. Never operate out of fear. The chance to be hurt comes along so rarely to some that the excitement of caring is intoxicating. Hey, I’m smiling. What more is there to say? Sometimes everything is beautiful.

Friday, January 14, 2005

No More Lego

Friday. The weekend. All the possibilities of the unknown. The actual exact opposite of the Monday to come. Pockets are jiggling. Crack of the pool balls. You know the score. There were times when this upcoming feeling of freedom, release and exploration was really all that I lived for. Now, as I mellow, I am tempted to do things I used to think blasphemous. Watch TV. Go to bed early.
And even the chance for that fun flirtation with someone new, beautiful and intriguing doesn’t have the magnetic pull out into the streets and the situations as it used to.
Hummm. Wait. Now that I think about it, it might be time for good old Rexy to get out there and bump into the world some more. Boogie and yabber. And test the flow of all that is Chaotic.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Bright Gloom

As it lights up the slick streets and the faces of the revellers, the shiny night can glow so brightly that it hides some people. Wandering. They pick their own quests and trials and they answer to their own judges. Maybe they are crazy. But maybe they are richer for the embrace. From the mumbles and the spluttering can be heard the wisdom of ages past and the secrets of cities still waiting to fall. But it is hard to care enough to listen. Like the spirit men of older days, these are fools and sad men. All must be who know they are to fail. The rest of the world believes it will succeed, or at least might. And I hope we do. But try to spot them. Those that have seen their fate. Some in suits, some in rags. All in the shadows.

Friday, January 07, 2005

But Baby it's Cold Outside

The winter winds are good. The cold tests you. It keeps you clean. Or at least the illusion of cleansing. Maybe a metaphor for how some of us live life. By being cold, empty, barren and desolate our small little lives can be clean. No fluff. No mess. Never any need to sweat with the oldies and apply ice to burnt hearts. But this can lead to frostbite deep in your soul. Testing and challenging you, the cold can also leave you fooled. A person can walk for miles with frozen feet that already have died and will have to be amputated later. But as he walks, he can still enjoy the view and the fresh air, blissfully ignorant. I guess if you were going to have some ignorance, I’d prefer the bliss-loaded sort.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

A New Good Year

Just when you think you know it all!
Things worked out far better than expected.
And the future looks bright.
We will see, right?
I hope everyone had a good holiday.
I hope everybody feels energized and replenished.
Hot thoughts and fun times!
What more do you need?