Monday, January 07, 2013

Ugly Inside

Dirty teethed little grub-rots sneak around behind the corners
Frickling and frockling towards some sneaky end
Twisted bumpy bits are searching for a place

That will give way to their intrusion and allow them in
Then the gooey and frothy little stink breathe dance

Between the ugly wants and the forsaken taken
It is a sight to see, I tell you
If ever you dared the eyes to bend to that gash

The view, forever telled and seen
There they roll and fever and spray
Choking with hurry as panic near they grope
Their eyes aren't for seeing and their tongues don't speak wordy

But what they're using they're using for the use intended
With every little twitchy muscle they be reaching
For that moment that makes them feel real and sure

Slight in its time, but crazy making in its high
Just like you

Just like I

Friday, January 04, 2013

Nameless and Known

Some of us still know that feeling 
That is woven into all the days and nights

The touch that once felt is always fresh
It moves with us, sliding along on our skin

Some call it love. Others, lust.
It can be the answer and the question.

Whisper who it is.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Again with the New

There is sweetness and peace for each of us
There is hope, awareness, strength
There are dreams to live
Each time we yawn awake, the fog falls into form

Between the mind and the world is everything
All the ways we are disconnected
The prisons of our senses, feeding the mad, craving
Inside out self.

With edgy shards of ideas, we try to define all we encounter
While what we feel and understand is gated with our words
Frustrating in their inability to share the immensity of being alive
Portcullises, perhaps unwanted but still solid to our effort

These gulfs are not to be spanned, though we should reach out
It is more important to know that the everything is in us
Banging away in our mind
The space between you and me

Never there
Never here
Nothing but a sigh.

Merry and Happy and all that jazz to all.