Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Filling the Spaces between the Rest Posted by Picasa

Salt, Meet Wounds.

Flat dreams flaunt knowledge.
Keys of these tricks.
I Hurt those who Care about me,
And Care about those who Hurt me.
Kind of fair in the grand scheme.
Simple thrusts bring captured significance.
Late night jumps and early morning touches.
It all ends with a grin.
Locked on to hide the stunned façade.
The Sun and the Stars don’t agree.
Summer tones bring fresh wet saints
Long-limbed Holiness
Traveling the darkened street tombs
Absolution held in a touch.
Heaven in their attention.
And Hell, obviously,
In their Indifference.
Crushing weights
In all that the minds curls around.
We conjure our needs as well as our wants.
Unknown, we are sated.
With the Brilliance of centuries,
Wanting is the real Heart.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Here It Comes Posted by Picasa

In My Mind

How does it happen like this?
You care, so much.
Then you mess it up.
And the way it cracks and breaks apart
Seems to guarantee nothing would ever
Then a slight
From so far away.
Felt in the heart
Like a horrible chance to again try
Because it is easy to just miss
To just regret.
But to think it possible
To again feel such
Unjustifiable Luxury,
It is a sick temptation
That can make a Fool
Out of a Dreamer.
I guess you just never fucking know.