Friday, July 31, 2009

Listening to The Reflex!

Happy sweet madness is only a Fuck It away.
Can’t go that way! The poop will remain, waiting, cause only the truly insane get to 
Stay there. Over the rainbow. Past the rings. Where the sun don’t Die.
Nope. Got to rotate with the world.
Just a little more trying. Fixing things. Making things better.
How do things change so much? How is it that life can move so sideways?
There is nothing good right now which doesn’t have some bit of crap attached to it.
Luckily though, none of that crap is bad enough to win.
So the trick is to ride it out. Wear it out. Wait it out.
Not the usual upbeat, I know. 
I wonder if the usual has changed.
Either way, the path remains the same.
So step, wild children. Step strong.
The ones of low minds can only annoy.
And that, only if they are allowed.
They can never really Do Anything.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Just a post of Chicks

Sure, I can help ya Mister. No, it ain’t a silly question.

Damn. If only more people wondered about it. What a world then, eh?

Just so that you know Mister, it ain’t always been this easy.

Oh, sure, it was never really all that hard. Even in the old days.

But the difference is real. Just not real important. Haww hawww.  

Just a joke Mister. No need to get all sharp.

Like I was saying, these days, the Magic just seems to show up.

Really. Things just sort of happen.

I couldn’t give you an example, cause that just ain’t the way with Magic, see?

But you don’t even need someone like me to show ya

Cause YOU can see it, if you know how to look. Or, sort of Not Look, really.

When we look, we already have an idea what we will be seeing.

Can’t really help it. It’s normal. But it can be fooled.  

So, what I am saying, is next time you is out in the streets

Go to a dark area. A dirty area. A forgotten area. That is where it’s easiest.

And look into that dark at the end of the alley. But don’t go looking to see the end, see?

Try to see Nothing. Harder than it sounds, trust me.

Now, Mister, you got an extra one of them cigs?  

Thanks. Now beat it.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Going Away Again

In dreams we do so many things

We set aside the rules we know

And fly the world so high

In great and shining rings

If only we could always live in dreams

If only we could make of life

What, in dreams, it seems

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Who would win: Elric vs Red Sonja?

From the minds eye

To the printed word

The fantasy and the creations

Flowing into my imagination

Shared with friends 

Or needed alone

Soon on a screen near you