Thursday, April 27, 2006

Blue Night. Posted by Picasa

Drive By

Bright smile in the quiet night.
But not for me.
Memories tell of that warmth.
Soft casual knowing touches.
Again, not for me.
I am the interruption.
Wanted to be gone.
Wanted not to happen.
I lost.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Shadowed Illumination Posted by Picasa

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Top Down Day

Negativity is the visitor of the weak.
Today’s bright show will be the Broken.
As the ruins rise and grope.
Seeing if the sun can burn together
What tired eyes fail to see
As dawn slipped in.
Who knows when it will find,
The end that must be there.
Interesting little views.
Beauty. Love. Evil.
I spent a moment on a couch.
And it was strange.
When, as said, it would have been different.
I spent a moment on a phone.
And it was also strange.
And it couldn’t now have been any different.
Sweet moments.
How they change.
Us and Them.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Oh-Oh! Somebody is going to need a Cure spell! Posted by Picasa

Smiles in the Dark.

How do I put this?
Basically, the importance of things change so vastly
So fully,
That it seems impossible that the original emotions
Or lack there of,
Could really have been.
But also,
And this is the part that tickles my brain,
Is that it was always known that it would be so.
Even as I pined for Love Lost,
I knew the time would come
When I just didn’t care anymore.
But it is still a nice surprise,
The freedom.
Add to that the Weird way life
Can throw some unexpected happiness
Some very needed closeness
Into your life
And it can make you feel sort of Wild.
Sort of Invincible.
I can smell the sunshine coming.
What an interesting summer this will be.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Keep Trying.  Posted by Picasa

Again and Again.

While the world slides around.
Foolish endeavors by strange dreaming gods.
Steps through fire only to find emptiness waiting.
The crazy and beautiful seem to be torturous.
A combination of screaming claws.
Mixed with teary eyes.
Tears I put there.
How I would prefer those claws.
Is there a way, a real way?
To settle old debts and move on?
I roll dice, and I kiss luck.
But there isn’t enough karma
To wash away this burn.
To the few people that really matter,
I have been as ass.
But the worst is the knowledge.
That I knew.
Brains without action is useless.
Like a gun without bullets.
Pretty, but no bang.

Monday, April 03, 2006

 Posted by Picasa

Fast Thought.

You slide into a stop.
To increase the interaction.
With one little smiley thing.
But once there another jumps the tape.
Interfusing with the beat.
Still, the Shit was too sharp
Told that Times are the Boarders.
So certain pleasures.
Are unattainable treasures.
While the days finally fell away.
So far so good.
Another stupid self-loaded bullet.
Seems to have sped right by.
Knock on Wood.
Not to mention the strange new flow.
Of unknown destination.
Shadowed light show.
It can make you a little unsure,
When you can suddenly like,
More than you thought you could.
It makes you wonder.
What else you can do.