Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pumpkin Nights and Candy Days

Evening of little Spooks and Wights.
All sneaking and tricking.
Treats, all there, making a show.
A celebration of New Times past.
Before the extra days.
Before our towers of fanatical
Science guarded Faith
Back when the magic
Was real
With Terrors and Dooms
Near by any tavern or tree.
I sleep to visit those dreams
Awake they show up in wonderment.
Anyone can believe, again.
Just by noticing the way the world has
Its spiked bits of eldritch sway.
Like something exciting beautiful
Which grinds down your doubt
Leaving only the happy surprise
Mixed with good old honest lust.
Magic in the dark.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Waiting to Fly

My brain is smoking.
I can hear the crackling.
The stars shine down again
On those streets and doorways
I see them.
Even when I close my eyes.
I want to be out a-wandering.
But it is time to think.
Time to stuff more shit
Into my head.
Freaking great.
I wonder if anyone ever
In their final moments
Wished that they had spent
Less time

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Staples Girl

So fucking hot.
I’ll never touch her.
Never know her.
Never ever ever.
But that is ok.
She is just a person slightly interacted with.
A clerk at a store.
Not a chick in a bar,
Or a woman on the street.
Just a beautiful creature handing back change.
But, wow, so Fucking Hot.
And that is enough to make me think.
All the choices and paths.
If there are any, really.
Or just a play already scripted
And with the dancers dancing as told
The singers hitting the written notes
With smiles, as needed
For the Applause.
Time to get in character.