Friday, September 23, 2005

�We're not worthy!� Posted by Picasa

Behind Blue Eyes

Blank stretched brain.
Open and hungry.
Old times and old loves.
Why are these floating up?
Through all the crap.
Under the booze.
Behind the urges.
Away from the doubt.
So much time spend forgetting.
But they smile.
And they mock, almost.
Instead, it tempts the heart.
Somehow everything is ok.
It is almost silly.
Chances and second chances.
The brain needs to rest.
Dreams need to play.
And I got to get away from insanity.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Heartless Posted by Picasa

Vision Twist

Simple pleasures meet in the open.
I can’t remember if I have forgotten, or just don’t care.
Or ever did.
But I feel something nice.
Even in the rotten, broken little core.
I feel the near paradoxal overflow of possibility.
Freedom the like of which undreamed.
Me thinks the Lady doth protest too much.
And even if there was nothing bad,
Doesn’t mean there was nothing wrong.
Get it?

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

"Oh, but I can......" Posted by Picasa

Burn In Hell.

Just for once.
If only for a little bit.
Maybe no longer than it takes to forget a dream.
I just want to really believe.
Not want.
Not hope.
Not wish.
But to believe.
To feel something unquestioning.
To be free of the doubts.
To have them not turn out right.
To see her smile
And not hear my brain warn of lies.
To reach out and not hesitate
Waiting to be rejected
Or worse, half caressed.
Like a talk show host hug-n-kiss.
All smiles once the camera is on,
Once the roll is in play.
And after, behind the scene,
It is diluted intelligence and selfish laughter.
Flesh once so hot now a scar. A burn.
And passion.
Dire Passion.
Luster of broken luxury.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Pure. Posted by Picasa

Sun heated Thought

A little jerk once told me this;
There is more to life than strangely boiled eggs.
And there is more to the music than the beat.
But since we are only here to dance, who cares?
Sometime you can see the unreal.
Out of the corner of your eyes in the daytime,
Or across the dented bar in the late night-light.
Seeking something unselfish.
In me or in another.
Happiness in the moment.
Contentment with what you have.
Realizing the good instead of creating the vile.
Above all else, Purity.
Even in a whore, a storm or a faked crazy laugh.
Bringing to the surface the smile
The morning sun takes away our lies.
Most of those traps are imagined.
Some give and some take.
Predator and prey. Life.
The real trick is figuring out which.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Getting there. Posted by Picasa

I met R2

Spacey and wasted and all this just keeps going.
I went away and have returned.
I got to shake the hand of high-level nerd.
Said Hi the friends and blood.
Maybe had a bit too much fun.
But I survived and like I said,
A Rex might stick around for some really great head.
Sleepy eyes.
Just good to reach out and actually feel something there.
Cool breezes in the night.
Perky skin just oh-so tight.
And nothing but the moon to race with now.
I like the ride.
And I need the distance.
The view from the effort rocks.
Slip me a dream.