Sunday, September 20, 2009

Slip and Go


Hey. Take a break, relax, and feel these vibesBetter times With the free flow of right and goodSimpler timesWhen there is a rest that comes from Stillness of worry.The needs that are real to ourselvesDrive our realityMovement of heart and happinessBrought about by finally getting away from Chaotic Hindrances and Unneeded Delays.

Caring about being right, winning, points
Is like that old adage, Eye for an Eye
Leaving the Whole World Blind
And then how would you see Beauty?

Away again to sea and stories
New as always, even though in a known way
You just can’t beat a captive audience
That is what my mind will be
Racked out and thinking.

Calculating, worrying, hoping
Cause, if you don’t have a dream,
How ya gonna have a Dream Come True?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I am the Laser

Zipping forward with sharp retractable bits of cool breathing letting me slice through all the screens.
Can't you just feel that song biting into you day?
The right one. Making you remember things you didn't even know.  
Bright special parts of days that could have been and so are just as real as what was.
And the Children of the Moon looked like a Fork stuck on a Spoon.

I heard of a dude who no longer has his babe. And she is a babe. And he is a good dude.
It is sad in a regular way. In the way that so many things are. Like flat tires and empty pockets.
So normal that we want to let them be passed over. But loosing your babe sucks.
Just like flat tires and empty pockets when it happens to you.
Of course, the same can be said for the happy things, some so common that they are almost ignored.

I feel the breeze.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dream of this

We come together, near the end of the day.

Both so happy to see the other.

The light touches , the thankful caresses, grow in intensity.
What was a loving kiss becomes the beginning of a hungry attack.
Our hands, just before feeling the whole body fatigue of the work day,
Now spark and crackle with the excitement of anticipation.
So pure and right.
Skin like fire. Lips like dancers.

Each sign and touch a bit of heaven.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Reap it, Bitch.

If you will excuse me, I must let someone vent a bit.
Seems there is this stupid iguana-eyed small minded and large assed bitch
Who can’t help herself and be anything but a hindrance to happiness.
Can’t make the smallest effort toward co-operation,
So, without further ado, a mini rant:

I want you to just remember that no matter now bad of a person you say I am, you were never good enough for me. I never respected you, and you must have no self respect for how you allowed yourself to be treated. Your pathetic and obvious ploys to keep me have failed, and now you are hopelessly holding on to the last vestiges of control you mistakenly think you have.
You are fucking up the one thing you have a chance to do well. To be right about.
But you can’t fight your nature to lie to yourself, and to get mad at others when they show you reality doesn’t go with your fucked up view.
And when this part of your life slips away, cause it will, you will be even more alone and messed up than you where when this started.
All you had to do was not be a bitch, and you could have taken a big step into the world of adults and sane people. But you aren’t ready for that.
You have never been anyone’s first choice. Ever. Everyone that you think cares about you calls you crazy and laughs at the stories about your latest spastic actions.
You piss me off, but mostly because you waste the time of people important to me.
A heart felt Fuck You.

I don’t let that out enough. My true feelings. That is because I am being mature. The bigger man. But I have limits, and since only you will really know I am talking to you, then this is a safe outlet.
Anyone else reading this will, at worse, get a good laugh, at best, maybe feel their own needed release from something similar.
Keep being fucking crazy. Keep being a fucking bitch. I will laugh at you in the end.
Life is too good and short to let this crap affect how I smile and how I love. So, I will let a bit out now and then this way.
Deep down, I hope you will never even see this, as it is embarrassing that this is how it has become.
But, fuck it, and again, Fuck You.