Sunday, October 23, 2005

Lovely and Sure Posted by Picasa

Break Thought

Permission was given.
By the wickedest of women.
Asked again, only lightly.
Viewed from outside, it might seem ugly.
A mix of luxury and pornography.
But to the one so afflicted,
It was simply the best.
A need never known wanted.
Or a dream, easily forgotten.
Smiling lies and ignorant abuse.
Yet in the light the heart still clicks.
And it the morning, the flesh still meets.
Bring out your Dead.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Blatant Boobies!  Posted by Picasa

Hungry in the Head.

Like a low flash James Brown.
And all of it good.
All of it smooth.
Crazy happy screams.
Free formed.
Just wait ‘till those pins are all lined up.
The expected destruction for fun.
The easiest drug is fatigue.
With a come down welcomed.
Candles and night shadows.
But the dice keep rolling on.
Brain boogie.
Young cuties smile.
Passing by.
It is so easy to forget to worry.
To be safe in the fire.
To not miss the sounds or sun.
Meeting the minutes in-between the ticks.
What can possibly touch your heart?
When the yells are like leather.
Sprung from another’s tears.