Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Red Fire Feeling

Flash into view
Feeling strongly and unknown Fire
First called fear
But it grows

As do we
Reaching into the out of us
Finding that the world turns 
Trying to stay balanced

Fighting all that comes
We learn to Keep It In
To Protect against nothing
Against everything

That can’t last
We are spit back out into the Fight
To crawl and slither
To feel the Shake

The final step
Is self
That all the world is there only 
While you know it
In Strength

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Green Beer Day Random Ramblings

I hope all have some fun on what is, to some
One of the most Holy of days! Haha

I’m gonna tell you once
I’m gonna tell you right
I’m gonna tell you so strong
So god damn tight

Listen to the fall of the minds
Hear the small little dumps
These thoughts
All bright and ready

I would say to the 
Cowardly Chud
If you have something to say
To me
Then try to have a glimpse of courage
And say it.

So drink up and cry
To the moon and the angles
Tomorrow is another day
And, it IS so close
…Fucking Idiot…

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Almost Got Me That Time

Some people seem so off
Their lies both obvious and absurd
But it is a mistake made to think that 
Deception is the goal
Even these people are not that stupid
Their goal is reaction
Pure and simple
A sad need to be told that they are wrong
Just as long as someone is talking to them
They need to feel some outside 
Because, alone, on their own, they have 
So, here I play into their hands
A little bit
Because I know the feeling
I had, and probably will, have these times too.
They can’t really help themselves until they 
Want to
So, go on and lie. Go one and try to twist reality.
Both reality and I can take this.
This and far more.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Light Steps

Is this all the dreams talked about?
Will the steps get smoother?
All that I see has some hint towards an inevitable 
I see people once friends, now evil towards each other
With others, little and pure, paying the price
I see some that had made a life together
Suddenly not together
I feel the hands and arms that held close
So long ago now
Slipping away. Their teachings and guidance
Hard to remember but needed.
There is so much out there, in The World 
That is anger and madness
Why do we make more with the ones close?
It seems that is the way of things

Take and hurt. To hit back

Well fuck that.
I am out of anger and hate and I have stepped away from
The edge. The view never what it was sold as.
Now it is an embrace of what is inside
Acknowledge strengths and passions
Things could have been better
Lives could have been easier
Days could have been sweeter
But this is life. It never was meant to be a pass.
I couldn’t ask for more.

Step smooth with me.