Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Calm Growl

What am I feeling?  

Is it a tease, a turn, and twitch?

Some naughty little bits of left over dreams

Float in my eyes in the morning

Staying near my thoughts as I tackle the day

Interacting with the world

All I see is Flesh A-Waiting

Cleaning and caring

Trying to relax

Or rather, trying to want to

There will be other times to sleep

Other times to second guess

Now, I guess

Is the time to allow

The Needs and the Wants

To figure themselves out

Tomorrow will be good

In a special innocent needed way

But the nights

Oh the nights

I can already breathe

The dark streets

Monday, August 11, 2008

I Like-a Tea

I just started a little vacation.
And what did I do?
Big old nerdy and oh-so-cool me?
I mean, this weekend was fun!
A couple of very good friends got married
Dancing and Drinking and Smiles

(..and drunks and fights and…)

So, I did have a lot of fun, 
But then, today, I decided to Enjoy!
So I slept in!  
Until 8am. Woo.

Then, fun times!

I did the dishes and cleaned.
But later I Finally let loose.
I made some tea (I love tea)
And watched the epic
Clash of the Titans!
I hear tell of a remake.

I hope they get it right.

Fun Fun Fun!!!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Between 1 and 20

A little Addiction, but which flavor to taste

The older one, tried and true

The new one, fancy and bright

The choice is mine if I take it

Others will have to make their own

I just want to feel the Magic

Seen before

“And now for something completely different!” (click here)

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Security 007

Its pretty cool being able to think and wonder. There have been times when I have been too busy, for good or bad, to just sort of let the mind wander. To really get lost in thoughts. But not today. I am a captive audience for my random interests. Even then, though, the temptation to use this thought allowing time for some goal oriented guided inquisitive process is there. But I will try to let it pass. To just open the gates and see what spills out.

Hey! Look! Chickies!

Friday, August 01, 2008

In My Head

Moving and swaying.  
Some of the best moments fade
Only to return
Like an unexpected surprise
To grant you the pleasure
Of such a Memory.

I can remember
Right now, if I want
I can again Feel
As exciting as that is
I am more Fueled
By the idea of adding
Bright, Full,