Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Squiggs!

A happy switch from one year to another
With giggles and love
Some mixed with missing
Things could, should, and shall be better
Little Beauty
Can’t wait to see you smile.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Beat down the Bad

Thinking of the times and places.
The people missed and thought of
Apart and away from.
Happy times to come with family and friends
The stuff still to get done until this part ends
Filled with thanks and smiles.
To those who make the times bright with words and caring.
And head shaking frustration, the victim of ignorant delusion
Severing all contact between those who should be assisted instead.
I wish the insanity would cease and that I could communicate
With the Little Beauty at this special end of the month.
Again though, seems the ignorant must be endured and defied
Missing and thinking standing in for contact and closeness.
The future is bright because the Now is Right.
From the wrongness of the weak will come their own earned tears.
I feel a freedom awakening.
A simple comment from a fellow Gun.
Reminded me of things I had forgotten.
About life, and living.
The way we can reach out
Adding to our reality.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Guns and Hearts

Happy Love Love Day all.
On this day for closeness
I just got crap loaded between
Me and the Little Beauty
And it is crap.
Pure and insane.
But I will overcome it.
Of other note
Just got a small hint
That I might be seeing even more
Too soon to tell yet.
So, for all, smile and tell those that matter
That they are in your thoughts.
Note: I can’t comment
So please don’t think me rude.
I will say Hi to all once back home.
Now, get out there and Get Some!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Missing the Blogs

Down in the broken land of Haiti
Hanging with brave souls and tough smiles
Everyday I learn more about the world
Taught by the laughing kids who have nothing
The old ones with stories in their eyes
Not all happy lessons
But all taken in
Missing those at home and in heart
Thankful for the warm words
Out of touch with some for now
But we will smile together
And share in the tales.