Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Run to Scream

I just love that picture.
It looks freeing. Releasing. Needed.
Finally the leash is off.
What do I do with My freedom?
Unlimited toppings.
Yeah. Really.
Like a pig, they all got on.
Sights on a common trek.
Scraggly folk crawl and creak.
They seem to have their own
Weird ones and hot ones out tonight.
That was just seeking a bite.
A little hung over.
From a simple fun.
Such a difference.
From Silly people and their silly games.
Speaking of games
Dice tomorrow.
Wish the Wop was here too.
Not just for checking for traps
And grappling Cat Fiends.
But to see him smile with his kids and his lady.
The others and I will keep the Dice ready!
New capital Hello.
The poor little seaside town trembles in mixed

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Get Down with your Bad Self

Even a name can get you.
Yeah. Like with Shivers and all.
Thoughts, not all memories.
Some just dreams dreamt before.
Others ignored hopes.
Discarded failed plans.
Paths taken only to end before the ride
Got good.
I was out for a bit on the weekend.
And I felt like I hadn’t been out in
Strange things flock to you when you react.
Cloaked eyes begging for disrespect.
I am not kidding.
Lost times mingle with half awake notice.
Friends, newer and older.
Beauty, not to fill you with lust,
Rather, to remind you that it exists.
Again, the smiles. Mine too. Free.
Moments change wondering to knowing.
Curiosity to understanding.
Innocence to casual passing.
Now to Then.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Truth in Eyes

“Lay here, a Dream, and rest till the World forgets.”
Happy little skipping thoughts.
More chances for new paths.
Peaceful laughter that mocks and calms
The frustrations of life.
Pitiful pettiness is hard to embrace.
Trust and caring might be faded.
But that sound in the background,
A sort of rumble in your bones.
Makes it clear to even chosen ignorance.
That something rounds the corner.
So every time I think I get the larger
The vision gets grander still.
There is Always More.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I heard her.
I don’t know who.
But, man, she was getting fucked.
And loving it.
Or at least moaning up a storm.
Maybe she was just a little girl
That thought that was how to act
As she takes the cock.
That almost makes it better.
Or worse, I mean.
Cause as I passed by and
Became caught by the moment
I wanted.
That is the only way to put it.
I have had some fun lately.
Some really needed, too.
But right then I felt ravenous.
For something.
For anything.
New. Bright. Passionate.
Even if an illusion.
Who the fuck cares?
All is façade and shadow.
That is what makes it all so easy to enjoy.
And forget for a while.
Until I heard her.