Thursday, November 03, 2011

Madness on the Battlemat!

So, sure. Maybe there was too many goblins.
Ok, maybe they had way more weapons and stuff then they should have.
Yeah yeah yeah.
But them’s the breaks, I tell ya.
Sometimes I just sort of loose my shit.
Go a little bat shit, dice throwing crazy.
It happens now and then.
I think it has something to do with the lack of creative input.
They store bought adventures are well made.
Excellent style and flow.
Interesting things that I don’t always use included.
And there is a fun side of knowing others are sharing these very games.
But, I don’t know.
Not making up the game…
Just sort of makes me go a bit nuts.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Hello. Again!

New fresh ready with all that fancy flash just waiting to be dripped out into the world.
Can’t even wait to let go of what we once thought was just blocking an urge.

Then the moment starts as we walk down a path only a shadow before these touches.
There is a need that speaks to the nervousness, making us calm as we near the breaking.

Thinking that we are satisfied with the wonders, so new, we fail to notice
That the urge feasts on these wonders too.

Now we need to fight a bit, feeling that we may fall into frenzy
That temptation itself now becoming the goal.

Passion and freedom crash and build, always something further to reach for.
Now when the pause comes, it isn’t one of awe, but of contemplation.

For we now are the urge, the passion, the pause, and the freedom.
We can now walk above the worries, into the future that we‘ll own.