Monday, March 17, 2008

Green Beer Day!!!

Maybe a pint.
Maybe a few more.
A time to remember
Those drinks before.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Should have been Better

Undeserved happiness.
Spooky undercurrents in the laughter
Barely contained by my stunned stare.
With a sense of slight disappointment.
There are wonderful things.
But there are things that do disappoint.
The movie Doomsday, for one.
Looked awesome.
Started cool.
Had elements of Escape From NY, Bladerunner, even Aliens.
Then, well, poop!
The cool tattooed chick died too early
The story and acting got weak
One of the worst extended car chases ever.
Ok. Ok. Ok!
There is also the disappointment of
Conflicting personalities.
But even there, I see the true future peace
Behind the present frustration.
I can see the days ahead fold out
More and more joy shining into all the lives
Touched by the Little Beauty.
I can see her advance and learn.
Grow and become.
More than the sum of us.
I can see the day when the present petty conflicts
Will have no hold on her.
That makes me smile.
Worth any amount of Growls today.
I will brighten her mind
So she can see a larger world.
Free to live
Untouchable by Fools.
Let others ignore and be small.
Let them quote and twist.
Never sweat the small stuff, I was told.
By a man better than myself.
So, I will do just that.
And look forward to the summer movies

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

“The Day the Music (of the Dice) Died”

Let all those who heed this call know that today a Legend passes on.
Or, to put it another way; we all gotta run out of h.p. some day…
At the grand age (or, er, level?) or 69, Gary Gygax is dead.
Millions – I really mean MILLIONS – of people rolled dice and laughed, visiting strange and magical lands of the imagination.
All this, from the wizardly creation of Double-G and his early day comrades.
Rest in Peace, First DM.

But… in the flavor of The Big Lebowski, for every roll of 1, the dice also come around to a 20, and there is News!

I just don’t really know how to say it yet!
So I will smile and let the moments be.
I hear the go by fast.

“…As you pass thru the Light, the world seems more beautiful. Your weapons and gear from before are absent, but in their stead you feel peace and a sense of child like wonder”
No gear, Huh? Sneaky portal… Ok! Must be something around here worth some XPs. I wanna roll for initiative! ……..(um, where did I put those dice…)