Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Down in the Sun

You know what is the weirdest thing that has hit me?
This little dog
So cute
A mutt
Huge ears
Soooo skinny...not going to make it kinda skinny, you know?
And he is so cute and patetic and loveable
And he was around a lot where I was working for the first part of the day
And he wandered around
So hungry and thirsty I bet
So alone
So little
And so tired, you could see it.
Nearly over.
He kept trying to find a quiet and safe place to lay down, but still be near people
And someone stepped on him
His little yelps
And limping away
That hit me.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sit. Roll Over. Dead.

 Bite it, bad little doggie. Pull and snarls and yank.But your just a rotten stinking little doggie.And you ain’t seen nothing yet.Cute little dancersRomp and roam and play.Reminding me how happy I am to breath and dreamEven if the smiles are apartThe laughter will be sought.The funny thing is how amazing The spirit and freedom of mind can be All the more so, with cat calm coolness.Brought about by not letting the Big Fat MessOf others touch you.So, to torture, true and rightThat with wrecks and messes with your dayJust let it hang by it’s own senseless wordsIt’s frustration will be the game you play.Wait.Problems help you fix them.

Friday, January 08, 2010


Thinking deep into the wanting and the frustration
Which would be expected to create anger or hatred
Only brings about a strange determination.
A knowing that there isn’t a choice or an option
That there isn’t even a need to worry.

This underlying inevitability is in a way very freeing
Without the illusion of choice, the path is clear.
Every action can be seen, stretched into the future
With only one result accepted
Happiness for those that allow

Friday, January 01, 2010

Old in New

Fire, Night, Wind, Hope, Chaos, others.
The old gods, they dance and bend for the new times.
They whisper lost bits of Then in the ears of sleepers.
Snow falls and they walk between the white.

The lack of wanting illuminates the moment.
Instead of the near constant need
Defining the spaces between the dreams
There is now a calm.

How did it sneak in unnoticed?
Does it speak of new quiet strength
Or a further drift from the daily
Agreed importance.