Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Geek Pride Day

Monday, May 24, 2010

Bright Shades

I was wandering around, visiting a mind set not seen as often in my nights anymore.
Into a small place I ventured, nearly a recess from the evenings happenings
I knew that it wasn’t really the correct use of the space
Or rather, I was using it right, but not really right to be using it so.

And I was waiting to be told so
So when a comment came, easy and on the side, I pounced.
Righteous indignation, all prepped and poised.
But that wasn’t how the comment was meant.

In fact, the opposite.
It was friendly, full of camaraderie.
Referencing the exact same past that I had set up as knives and shields
To do my battling for my cause.

It sucks to know you are the one wrong, again.
Simply so.
I promptly realized and corrected my wrong way-ing.
And all was allowed to pass.

Thankfully so. On into the world and the night I went.
Thinking back, I still am a little hit by that small scene.
Not because I was wrong; I often am.
But because I was acting out of my self. Out of character.

Why, I wonder? What was I leaning towards?
I’ll never know, I guess.
And I am happy with that.
Now it is on this ending of a quiet longer break

That I find some unexpected peace
Patience and well being from a sense of the moment
I again sort of wonder where this is leading
Do all the paths change towards the same colorful end?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Here and Now

Relaxing little Sunday full of sun and friends

There are thoughts needed to be known

Choices and actions to make and take

But today is a relaxing little Sunday

So it will be right to play and smile

Let the troubles wait if they have the guts

We’ll fight them when we’re finished here.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Stretch It Out

Bouncy little laughs escape the eyes
Taking the smug darkness to the back
All for the sunshine

Cool breezes with the engine roaring
The whole time ahead bigger and better
Smart and strong like before

It feels so good to just be touched
By the cool winds and the waiting peace
Entranced by the day

Others are busy and they may like that
It isn’t that I am lazy but I do like the pause
To think and be

So a long weekend with no real plans
Rather steams of maybes to float
Is the path I will follow

Storing up the here and home for later
Taking the snap shots in my mind
To keep me close when away

Friday, May 21, 2010

Delving past the No Names

Laugh at the fools
Enjoy their attention
Be fortified by their friction
While enthralled by their need to interact
Finally, sure of vindication.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Easy to Pluck

Still a little Slave playing the tunes you're told
Thinking you are bright and free
Ignoring the chains you grip so tightly

Some have Masters outside themselves
Bowing to gods they want to see
Always a choice to look away turned down

But some, this one, is trapped from within
By stupid rage and failing ability
A slave to the pathetic need to Spite

Which is terrible, as all there really is
Is caring and closeness and loving
But not to those that turn away

Unneeded gashing of teeth and of mind
When life is easy and full to the brim
Of happy pleasures to give and receive

When you where a Slave to your passion
At least you seemed sane
As you were used and taken

This false portrayal of Freedom
Is adding to the Shit in the world
Trying to hide your obedience to your foolishness

But as the good Slave you've always been
You'll serve your real Master again 
With your disappointment, shock, and tears.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Murder City Devils!

I see her walking,
See her walking like a cat.
I said I wish that I could walk like that.

I see her walking,
See her walking like a sailor.
I said I wish I could be walking right beside her.

I hear her talking,
Hear her talking like a cat.
I said I wish that I could talk like that.

I hear her going "reeow, reeeooowww"
I see her sitting,
See her sitting by the fire.

I said I wish I could be sitting right beside her.
Me and her in time going boom boom boom
She goes boom swagger swagger boom boom swagger

Boom boom booom
Swagger swagger boom boom swagger boom boom boom
Swagger swagger boom boom swagger boom boom boom