Friday, December 30, 2005

Heart Stopper
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Sad little moments bring forth such pathetic drips of drama.
I seek the base for my displeasure.
Is it only that I have to try?
Or is it that I have to compete for importance with the unreal?
Soon, it would have been a year.
Now, it could have been forever.
Lost time, lost thoughts.
No way to get those costs back.
Was, as they say, the Juice worth the Squeeze?
This is a difficult query.
I can remember the light, shining from loving eyes.
And I can remember the contentment.
The peace.
The Faith.
Memories now mocking in the face of childish arguments.
Hurtful slashes of tongues and indifference.
The worst cold is the one following the searing heat.
To know that this is dying or dead.
Feeling the void in solitude lined bed.
You want to know the very bottom trouble?
That I know I will be just fine.
That I know I will forget.
That I know already.
All along.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Indulgence. Posted by Picasa

Fork in the Head

Hey, Baby, Let’s Get Fucked Up!
And don’t you worry about the sin and filth.
We have all the wasted spaces to wash and scrape.
Grime of hope and loss settles on the still thinkers,
So grab your need and bring it to the rhythm-walled glass house.
Get that highly evolved sex-plant out into the hissing night.
Sprayed excitement. Contrived joviality.
Line-ups. Crowds. Noise. Drunks.
Another night slips by in the fog.
That’s all. Yet we care.
All we need is an excuse to give a shit.
To all a Happy New Years Night.
Get laid as you fight,
The gnawing knowledge of the approach of the morn.
And leave the Used broken and torn.
Where’s my waitress……?

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Lets play hide the North Pole Posted by Picasa

Latenight Cheer

To get to her room, you have to walk the darkness of her hall.
I heard this from another, as might have you.
Even if it isn’t original, the feeling still breaks raw.
There are challenges in life we imagine instead of meet.
Some we create when it would seem impossible to fail.
Show a little faith,
There’s magic in the night.
Slipped away again, but foolish powerful brains rumble with my heart.
Will distance make the cracks meld or flail?
Can a pause jump ahead of the block?
Tune in next week, true believers…

Now, to a thought more merry: I hope all have a happy, safe, and special Holiday.
With friends and family near, even if only in your heart.
And, of course, Rock On!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Don't eat the snow where the Huskies go. Posted by Picasa

Smooth Holiday

Snow moves through the spaces once kept by others.
Bright eyes and misty music corner the lost.
And into a shadowed cold-floored abattoir of lost thoughts,
Fall and stager our blemished baying dreams of summer lust.
Remember that touch?
Can you still see the amazement?
If you let it, your mind will let you again know.
All of the places you felt and flowed.
That which changes us never leaves us.
Good and bad, we are the libraries of our feats.
The echo of skin and the pull of nails,
Bared teeth, all with faded illumination.
Only needing the application of observance.
To relight the glories.
I want to be Haunted by the Ghost of your Precious Love.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sharing the Fun Posted by Picasa

Recovering Butthead

As the times shift to the next a secret little gift is found.
In admitting the wrongs done and accepting the guilt.
Honest regret.
Not all happiness births from smiles.
And not all sadness should be avoided.
Some of the most pleasing and important
Of moments
Come form
A trembling lip.
Bright new days.