Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Coolest Fucking Pic Ever

An Expert, so it Reads

Easy chicks.
None of that compares to the feeling of the flow.
Really. When you can almost see Fate or Luck
Or Whatever.
As it boggles your scrotum
Or Whatever
But, and here I must insist,
Some times it is the little things
That can make a heart race
Emotions flow
If this happens to someone like me,
Then the vastness of the difference is
Awe inspiring.
Happy Happy.
And never fight that urge to say Hi
You never know where it might lead

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Rakshasa Handshake

A little of this
A little of that and, Blam!
Go-carting and ninety orcs later
Still riding the sparkling nights.
Sure. I got a little soggy
That is ok.
Life is good as long as
We keep
The fires lit.
Soft-top is on.
It really
Must be springtime.
Sweet sleep.
Bring me the dreams
Riddled with clues.

Sunday Song VI – Sweet Drifting

Sometimes I think that I know
What love's all about
And when I see the light
I know I'll be all right.
I've got my friends in the world,
I had my friends
When we were boys and girls
And the secrets came unfurled.
City of brotherly love
Place I call home
Don't turn your back on me
I don't want to be alone
Love lasts forever.
Someone is talking to me,
Calling my name
Tell me I'm not to blamed
I won't be ashamed of love.
City of brotherly love.
Brotherly love.
Sometimes I think that I know
What love's all about
And when I see the light
I know I'll be all right.


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hearing the Approach

Missing Without Knowing

It is all about the Rise.
I know that, now.
Again, actually.
I knew it before.
Once apon a time.
Before Drama.
Before Evil.
Before Crazy.
Now, slowly healing.
Being touched in my mind
By a presence that seems
To fit.
I find that the Rise is again

In control.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Half Lies

Never Fight Over A Severed Head

Power. Flowing. Rolling. Moving around and poking the little dried up bits of doubt and confusion. A cleansing scar producing fire of blink proof interest. I see it. I saw it all day. Like well-groomed zombies only they are smiling at the sun and ready to dance as soon as the hairnets come off. Others, I see, are also aware of the peaceful daze and its inducement of thoughts boxed away until the yard sale of the heart. A little voice, though not sober, told me a sobering story. Of friends and friends being worried. I am trying to get rid of troubles. To rebuild. We will see. I was a little voice and I hinted that things might be sweet, improving, getting better than expected. All those sights, encased.It just sucks that I am not in the minds I think of as much as those I fail to remember enough. That is a stupid and selfish thing to say. But that is what drove me to the keyboard. Now that urge has been indulged and expunged. I am going to have a sub.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Hee Hee Hee!!!

Happy Bunny Day

Feeling alright. Feeling smooth.
Feeling like some weight has lifted
Without knowing that it was there.
Many thoughts, but they will come out

As they wish.