Tuesday, February 26, 2013

There goes yet another second.

I can feel it start
I know it is there
Scratching sort of
More asleep or waiting
I said before that the Beast in me isn't clawing
Or hammering, banging, smashing
Raging against the bars that lock him
No.  That sly fellow waits, just staring.
A smirk in his eyes.
The gated door isn't even locked maybe
This can lead me to wonder if
Is it me that is in
The Cage.

Another quick thought
And this one is brought by another
that told me all the flying cutting nails
of old wisdom and future knowing.

"I am the Fuck You of your past shed tears
From shame and unworthiness of love."
"I am the Fuck You of your now, knowing
You are a little turd of a lie"
"I am the Fuck you of your future, where you will be
A forgotten Joke"