Monday, September 27, 2004

Rant 002

Doing nothing is nothing like it is said to be. First off, it seems to be a lot of work. Secondly, it might not be as bad as it is thought to be. Or said to be, actually, because those who say are supposed to know and if they know then they also know that this nothingness isn't anywhere near as shity as it has been described to be. Made a villain in the eye of the public. And why is that? Is it because if we fail to do something, then we will ruin what has been done before? Is it like some cosmic house of cards.
Whatever. I have found I have an ability to do nothing, and we should embrace whatever skills and abilities we have on our side, and we have to get all we can out of this odd orb until we leave it.
As the wise and slightly piercing Platinum Yum-Yum would say; Yup.


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